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In this podcast with talk to Matthew Long senior developer with Infront, about a host of things from;

  • What is Continuous Delivery?
    • Continuous Integration
    • Infrastructure as Code – Software Defined Compute/Network/Storage
    • Release “Pipeline”
  • Components of Continuous Delivery
    • Source Control
    • Automated Testing & Quality control
    • Automated Deployment
  • Organisational changes to move from Silos to a Pipeline
    • Delivering value to customers and owning a shared common goal
    • Where to start – “DevOps” is a journey not a destination
    • Executives, Teams and Governance
    • Feedback loops and continuous improvement
  • Setting up continuous delivery using Visual Studio Team Services and Azure
    • Using VSTS for source control
    • Enabling automated CI builds
    • Automated Testing
    • Link VSTS to Azure
    • ARM Deployments

During the podcast we spoke about a raft of DevOps talks that we are going to work on with Matthew, so make sure and stay tuned for an entire DevOps thread at BornInTheCloud


You can get in touch with Matthew at the following;


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