On Microsoft Azure or Office365 and want to be more secure?


Fighting back 

It's time to stand up to the hacker!

We have all been afraid online for too long. The wave after wave of attacks we face in our everyday life is costing our companies too much time and money,  it's time to fight back.  Microsoft have the tools you need, to help in this fight, to help you "Protect, Detect and Respond". 

We can help you PROTECT your users, computers and data.  DETECT breaches and data leaks, and RESPOND to the attack and shut it down. 


The user, the device and the data

Protect, detect and respond sound's great but where do I start?

The Microsoft security stack in built on Azure AD and Office 365. Chances are, you, like about 80 Million + others are using O365 in your company, that's great, you have the hard work done. Protecting your users, machines and your data is the next step. The vast majority of this suite is cloud based apps that we just enable, they plug directly into your Office 365/Azure AD/Azure cloud environment. 

The approach we take depends on the size of your company. We have a 12 step approach to help secure the largest of companies across all devices and any cloud. 



Assume Breach


160 Days

Is the average time hackers remain undiscovered in a company. We can't assume that we will keep everyone out, it's even worse, we need to assume that people are either in already, or soon will be.

You have to be able to answer these 3 questions, and fast! 


1. How did it get here?

This is the first question you need to answer, how the hell did this attack get in here? Did a user get an encrypted PDF file and entered a password? Did they enable a macro on a word doc? Did they click on a link in an email? However they got in we need to plug that hole. 

2. what did it do?

So we know there was an attack, but what did it actually do? What is it doing right now? Can we perform a complete analysis of the attack and compare it to other attacks on the internet.  How can we do a forensic review of the machine?


So you know someone got in, you know what they did but now we need to know where did it go? Until you can identify the spread of this attack you are on the back foot.  If you are able to answer these three questions then you will stop attackers doing damage quicker. 




Is the new control plane...


But how do I build a security strategy on a slogan? Well ain't that the rub!  The reality according to the 2016 Verizon security report is that hackers are getting to our systems via the user's identity. Phishing and other methods are allowing them to gain a users password and use that account to latterly traverse your network to gather more credentials. So how do we stop this?


The Secure Information Worker will allow you to use the best security intelligence in the world to allow you to focus on work and not on security. You will feel safe, secure and protected at all times.
— Paul Keely 8 times Microsoft MVP