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What We Do

We at Born In The Cloud, help customers to use Azure Cloud Securely. We believe that Security,Consistency and Automation in the Cloud is one of the biggest values we can derive from the Cloud and drive the business forward.


Are you looking to move to the Cloud?

We can help with your Journey to the Azure Cloud

  • Cloud Strategy and cost analysis
  • Cloud Security and Governance
  • Migration Planning

Areas of Expertise

Cloud Monitoring and Security

Let's face it, the biggest fear of any organisation is if their data is going to be secure or not in cloud. Let us help you with design your cloud environment securely

Cloud Migration and Automation

Migrate to the Azure cloud and implement automation to reduce repeated manual tasks. Implement DevOps lifecycle to manage the infrastrcuture.

Infrastructure and Application Engineering

Build and migrate modern applications in Azure and refactor and modernize legacy applications using Azure.



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