Born In The Cloud is a technology company that is 100% Azure focused. It is run by eight times MVP Paul Keely.  We focus on Azure IaaS, PaaS and Security solutions, O365 solutions and GDPR. 


Values are how you act, not what is written on the wall in reception. 

We are a company of people that believe that by the work we do has meaning and value, we have to want to interact with you our customers in a way that you feel happy to work with us.

When we go into offices we see the usual completely disingenuous picture of some guy rock climbing with some hollow corporate message about commitment or goals. That's not us. 

We are people who love technology and love being able to talk about it, understand your needs and challenges and  map those needs to technological designs. 


Listen lots and ask questions...

You know your problems, issues and goals, and we have to really understand you to come up with a great solution. The only way we are going to achieve that is by asking lots of questions, discovering the real issues and often spending some time trying to work out the best solution. We have a zero bullshit policy, if we don't know something we say it. When we think of the uses of the word partner it usually is associated with people who associate with each other. We feel the term "trusted partner" is an oxymoron, if you didn't trust your partner they wouldn't be your partner in the first place. 


We are looking for a relationship not a one night stand.

Getting one project with your company is great, but we want to be in a position whereby you had such a great experience with us that you want to more projects with us in the future.