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Advanced ID protection

Azure Identity Protection


With AAD-IP you set policies for certain risk level, and then configure what protective action should be applied when that risk level is reached. The policy is then applied to users and thereby you start protecting your users.  Once again, we see the Microsoft Security Graph in action. Billions of logins being stored in big data, mind blowing analytics and machine learning changing the rules on the fly. Welcome to the new world!

This product can be bought and applied to specific users, so maybe you might start with just the high value accounts in your company. As it’s easy to get working why not pilot it on the C-Level in your company first

With AAD-IP there are essentially 3 questions that will be asked;

1.    What is the risk level?

2.    What will we do?

3.    Who is affected?


Here is a mind map that explains AIP. 


Here is a video on our YouTube channel.