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Advanced Threat Protection

ATP is a game changer in terms of leveling the playing field with the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. ATP is a behavioral based sensor on all Windows 10 devices that looks for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s).  Each customer has its own ATP tenant in Azure that clients send data to. The sensor works alongside your Antivirus (AV) client to protect your endpoints. ATP works with the Microsoft AV agent, Windows Defender (yes, I know the naming is confusing) and any other third party AV provider.  This point of working alongside your current AV is important to note, it does not replace your AV.

One of the key features of ATP is that it assumes breach, not only does it not shy away from the fact, the primary focus of the ATP portal is detecting a breach, showing its timeline, helping you investigate the spread and giving you the tools to respond. ATP’s mindset is that attackers who have traditionally remained undetected in an organization for 100+ days will now be detected in near real time.


Here is a mind map that explains ATP. 


Here is a video on our YouTube channel.