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Azure AD

Azure Active Directory  (AAD)

AAD is a cloud version of Active Directory (AD). You can install AAD in an azure subscription and have no integration with an on- premises AD or you can connect your on-premises AD to AAD.


·         This is a multi-tenant directory.

·         AD can replicate users and groups via AD Connect to AAD.

·         It offers application federation and publishing.

·         It offers SSO to a multitude of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) app’s like Salesforce and ServiceNow. 

·         It offers a range of self-service options around areas like password reset & group management.

·         Authentication can remain in-house with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

·         It is regularly referred to as an identity bridge as it can act as the connector to many different services.


Microsoft uses this immense security knowledge to protect user identities in AAD, and you can avail of this service right now. Many of the security tools in the coming chapters are predicated on an existing AAD being in place and as such, if you don’t already have AAD then this needs to go on your roadmap pretty darn soon! 



Here is a mind map that explains AAD. 


Here is a video on our YouTube channel.