What's in it for me?

Your customers want to be more secure, cyber attacks are ubiquitous and you have already migrated customers to Azure-AD. But here's the rub, you are not able to deliver this security suite and other partners can.  The C-Level in your customers are keenly interested in security and with this offering you will be able to engage or re-engage with the CIO/CTO/CEO.

When you embark on this solution accelerator you will be able to immediately offer your customers;

  • The full 12 step roadmap

  • Email protection 

  • Device protection 

  • Identity protection


Once you start on the security journey with your customers you will start to be viewed as a security partner. This will open up areas like;

  • O365 Security assessments 

  • Windows 10 security assessments 

  • Cloud security assessments 

  • Data Center security assessments 


General Data Protection Regulation


The GDPR approach date is rapidly approaching. The number one foundation for your customers to be prepared for GDPR is the Secure Information Worker.  Irrespective of your location, you will have customers that interact with EU citizens. Getting this foundation in place gets you another seat and this time  at the compliance table.