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We are a top class Microsoft gold partner with a bunch of smart guys and you are telling me that we need your company to help us build a new security practice?  No we wouldn't be so dumb, what we can tell you is that if you are not a great IT company then you won't get the most out of this solution accelerator.  

What we have that is not that common is super technical people that can straddle two different types of role, we are pretty dam technical, but at the same time really have the ability to explain things in a simple way.  These two skills are not that common and why it's so important is that you need to sell this to two different types of people. 

The Decision Maker

Selling to the decision maker is a totally different sell to that of the IT manager/admin.  This sell needs to be really use case focused, you can't use all the acronyms and tech crap or you will lose them.  The decision maker needs to have the uses explained in a way that they answer the question; "how does this solve my problem". 


IT Manager/Admin

The IT manager/admin on the other hand will need to go from the user story to the actual technical details pretty quickly.  They want to know how it plugs into other areas of the IT environment.  


Where the real value of the SIW is that we can help your team learn how to explain, demo and sell the solution to anyone in your customers orginasation.