Born In the cloud


You already know you need to start exploring the cloud, but you don’t know where to start. How should you connect? What are the governance and controls? 



What is Azure Secure Start?

Azure Secure Start is a 10 step solution accelerator from Born In The Cloud. It is the easiest way for you to venture into Azure in a secure and repeatable way. 

Let’s face it, you already have data centers full with ESX servers, and you both understand and control this infrastructure.  When you want new VM’s for a project, the easiest path is more VM’s, in your data center.

The first steps into any new technology paradigm are always challenging, remember your early days with VMware.  The fact is that Azure is the safest computing experience you can create. We know it’s a bold claim, but its one that Microsoft and BITC are ready to prove to you. We will build a rock solid Azure environment that will give you the tools you need to move forward.

Born in the Cloud is your cloud security partner. Let us help you secure your critical resources in Azure.