The Secure Information Worker (SIW) Overview

Let's start off  with a quick overview of the solution accelerator.  In the SIW we use mindmaps to explain lots of complex subjects, and so why not use a mindmap here to explain the SIW. 


The SIW is a solution accelerator

A solution accelerator, so what does that mean? We call it a solution accelerator in that we can help accelerate you to building out a new security practice. So much of this security is built on Azure AD. You have already deployed lots of Azure AD as part of your O365 deployments, so you are already walking in the right direction.  The SIW will give you a framework that your company can follow to safely build a new revenue stream.   When we say safely we mean that you will have a proven set of steps that allow you to walk your biggest companies through a fully secure journey and on every step help them and add revenue to your practice. 

The Demo Environment 


Telling ain't selling - Show it to me in action

We have all be there.. someone shows a killer demo and we are sucked in. They walk you through the process step by step and when they finish you get it, you understand the product, you get the use case and you can apply to one of your needs.  For you to launch a new technology offering you need to be able to demo the toolset and it has to rock! The first deliverable to the SIW is to build out a demo that will blow your customers minds. 

Your team will be able to explain each of the 12 steps in the SIW and feel confident in the process.  We will help you build a proven demo process that you can move through from start to finish or just step in and out of at any stage. 



The Presentation

There are two audiences you need to speak to, the decision maker and the IT manager/admin. You need two types of presentations, one that speaks to the business value and use case, and one to the technical capabilities of each step. 

We have short demand generation slides that are what your sales team will use to generate some demand in the in your ability to fix some problems that they need.  

For the IT manager/admin we have a mindmap that you can use in presentation mode to explain each tool is greater detail. You will still need to address the use case but it's going to be a much deeper level. 

You will get 24 presentations ready to get your technical teams in front of your customers. 


Estimates of Effort

One of the biggest challenges  with getting into any new project offerings is estimating the effort for each step. It's a critical step because go too far and you lose the deal, don't go far enough and you can't deliver. 

We give you the detailed guidelines to identify the customer type and map it to the likely requirements of each step. When you go to move onto the next step of presenting the SOW to the customer to build out  the solution. 

The Statements of Work


The last step to getting your customers engaged is to get them to agree to the statement of work.  Our solution accelerator will give you the SOW's you need covering the components of the work order, the deliverable's, the assumptions and whats out of scope.