Born In the cloud

The SIW Book

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It all started when...

I was asked to meet a healthcare IT team in Washington. A local hospital group had been hacked and hacked bad. Bad enough for the FBI to get involved. The victim hospital's name became a verb and companies would say to be we don't want to be in their shoes.  

I was asked to explain the Microsoft security stack. I did my presentation, full of energy and animation  and at the end I got questions like "how do I protect word doc's on an iPhone" or comments  "we want to be secure but MFA all the time sucks, give me a new option".

I felt pretty disheartened because I felt like I had done my best but they didn't get it. I realised that I was talking to decision makers and I only spoke in tech acronyms. I didn't focus on the use case or the problems that the C-Level had.  

I went back to the team and explained how I felt, we doubled down and changed our approach to how we approached the security stack.  The result was the Secure Information Worker and part of this program was to write this book. 

The book is great for anyone looking to understand the suite end to end. Each chapter covers;

  • The problem the technology is going to address 

  • The location of the service and the endpoint 

  • A short explanation on the tool

  • The effort involved in the project 

  • The questions you need to ask your IT team 

  • A mind map on the technology 

  • A QR code to a video on the subject